Focus on creating personal projects during your college years with these projects, you can stay true to your passion and the art itself. Don’t lose the fun or excitement of making things.(Ji Lee)

Today’s short-and-sweet is a reminder that personal projects done for passion, not profit, often take on a life of their own and end up resulting it creative and professional growth you could’ve never foreseen — take it from Ji Lee, Creative Director of Google Creative Labs, who masterminded the brilliant Bubble Project.

His talk at Behance’s 99% (one of our top 10 creative cross-disciplinary conferences) is a lovely testament to the transformative power of creative endeavors.

Instead of creating a project for myself, and just showing off, creating a project for other people to participate and collaborate instantly gains a sense of scale, and a sense of depth, and a sense of reach.(Ji Lee)

Time-stretching, self-funding, and why you should never underestimate grassroots creativity.

I would highly recommend these to any sound mixing specialist.